Mechanical arm gripper processing 機械手臂夾爪 CNC processing jig manufacturing

Grippers are devices that help robots pick and move objects. When combined with collaborative robots, it can help manufacturers automate important processes, such as inspection, assembly, pick and place, and machine operations. We might as well think of grippers as human hands. When the user installs the gripper on the end of the robotic arm, it can not only exert the strength of the robotic arm, but also demonstrate the dexterity of the human hands.

夾爪就是能幫助機器人揀取並移動物件的設備。 而在結合協作型機器人後,它更可協助製造商實現重要製程的自動化,例如檢測、組裝、取放與機台操作等。 我們不妨將夾爪想成是人類的雙手。 當用戶將夾爪安裝在機械手臂的末端時,既可發揮機械手臂的力道,也能展現人類雙手的靈巧度。