SEREIN-152210 思瑞 Croma系列全自動三次元測量儀


Main features:

The structure design of large-scale bridge machine optimized by finite element ensures sufficient strength and stable accuracy of long-term use of the large-travel measuring machine.

Adopt advanced all-aluminum technology, better rigidity/mass ratio, to ensure the high performance and high precision of the machine.

The X-direction beam adopts high-precision triangular beam (Tricision®) technology. Compared with the rectangular beam, the center of gravity is lower, the mass-to-rigidity ratio is better, and the movement is more reliable. This advanced technology is protected by a patent.

The Y-axis adopts Hexagon Group's patented dovetail guide, which improves the accuracy and repeatability of the measuring machine.

All three axes use high-precision German HEIDENHAIN grating scales, with a system resolution of 0.078μm. At the same time, one end is fixed and one end is free to expand and contract, which reduces the deformation of the grating scale and ensures linear expansion and contraction when temperature changes.

The Z direction adopts the patented pneumatic balance technology and adopts the flexible suspension system, which avoids the problem of interference between the axial movement and the transmission system, and improves the accuracy and long-term stability of the measuring machine.

Each motion axis adopts DC servo drive + enhanced synchronous belt to ensure the smoothness of movement and the accuracy of positioning of the large-travel measuring machine.

The IDC-I control system specially built by Hexagon for Croma, 21 error space correction technologies and automatic tuning functions are used to ensure the dynamic performance and measurement accuracy of the machine.

Unique automatic temperature compensation function, a highly sensitive temperature sensor is arranged on the main body of the machine to ensure the high precision of the measuring machine when the temperature changes.

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