CNC processing jig manufacturing 加工治具製造

The company's products are designed for parts of various molds, inspection tools, fixtures, various gauges, plug gauges, ring gauges, design and planning, etc.
On-site equipment includes CNC three-axis, four-axis, five-axis milling machines, CNC vertical & bedroom lathes, traditional lathes, welding, high frequency, sandblasting, magnetic grinding and cooperating with third-party manufacturers including: heat treatment, wire cutting, surface treatment, etc. Wait
場內設備有CNC三軸、四軸、五軸铣床、CNC立式&臥室車床、傳統車床,焊接、高週波、噴沙、磁力研磨並有配合協力廠商包含 : 熱處理、線切割、表面處理等等